Photo by Esther van der Linde. April 2013


compilation video of Leticia's solo concert at the Tropen Theater in Amsterdam, Feb. 2011:

If the compilation is too short for you, you can see longer fragments and entire registrations in the videos below.

'...fascinating, swinging, sometimes mysterious....' Volkskrant, Ton Maas. 4 Stars.

Leticia's concert program consists mostly of her own compositions for marimba, Latin percussion, loop station, vocals, metal fruit bowls and botlles. Some themes use the  marimba as a solo instrument, others use a lot more, combining this with her "loop station". This is a small device which enables her to record herself, live on the spot, thereby building full and swinging  arrangements. Her solo music spans from music that sounds from very far away and from very long ago, to hip, 21st-century-danceable-Latin music. As seen in the video above, Leticia's solo shows are filled with more than just wonderful, enchanting music; she is also a gifted and convincing performer who loves the interaction with her audience. 

more videos:

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Photo by Philo Kempkes

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