Photo by Daniel Patriasz

Review by Armand Serpenti, Daily De Trouw. May 2010

Leticia. April 2013. Photo by Esther van der Linde


 Leticia's long experience as a Latin percussionist, coro-singer, bandleader and marimba player, combined with her huge longing for adventure, incited her to develop this unique performance. With the help of her loop station she builds complete arrangements, in the presence of her audience. The loop station is a small device which enables her to record herself live on the spot, layer by layer. She starts by playing percussion, then singing polyphonic choral responses (the 'coros') and sometimes even imitating a complete hornsection with her voice. After this basic arrangement has been created, she plays her marimba music on top of it. This way she enchants and fascinates her audience, whom she takes on a trip around the world, stopping in different places and often ending in the Caribbean.

'...fascinating, swinging, sometimes mysterious....' Volkskrant, Ton Maas



Photo on poster by Lilian Jarad

Mattie Poels in VPRO

Photo by Esther van der Linde. April 2013

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